Object Not found started its life back in 1997 as a tiny collection of abandoned photographs tacked on to a website for a radio show I used to do. Since then it's grown a life and character all it's own and become a repository for the lost detritus of family memories, abandoned and discarded remnants of a disposable culture.

A famous author once said that the "measure of love is loss", but loss is a tool used to measure more than just that - it's also used to define who we are as a person. We define what we own not only by the physical objects in our surrounds, but also by the history of objects we once owned and the objects we are yet to possess and indeed we can look at our lives not only in terms of how long we have lived, the hours days weeks and years passed but also in terms of how long we think we have till we lose it.

But also, by extension the very nature of loss also implies it's reverse - that something is found, or at least there lies the potential for discovery. The collection of postcards, photographs and letters collected here allow us a window (however small) through which we can peek into a brief moment of other peoples lives. Through these images, notes and other ephemera you can imagine their dreams, loves and memories that now become part of a collective experience. Here they take on a new life, as part of a family of orphaned objects cast away from their rightful owners, waiting for new meanings and interpretations to be given them.

I am indebted to a cast of many for contributing images and providing hosting and assorted savvy help, including Marcus Westbury for years of hosting Iain "Choozy Woozy" McKenzie for albums full of fantastic found photographs from around the globe and last but not least Tony Aslett from CSS Creator for providing hosting and guidance throughout the murky world of content management.

-Damien Frost 07