Hanging on to a nice joint

Mon 16th
Dear arthur
Here we are at Forster. Sadie, Jack, John & I - lovely house, place & weather - car rotten, it's never started once for me. We've nearly shoved our hearts out. Brand new battery starter motor all new bushes brushes etc. Sadie's generator in mine at home to rewind engine boiled all the way otherwise everything ok. The engine pulls something lovely- only had to change gear where the road on corners of Nabiac were washed away. But we're not worrying over that- have it now in Beltons NRMA garage so he will find surely you what made it boil+ if ok- hope to push of to Kempsey on Wed. am. Keeping not too bad. John fair- will write a full letter later in the holiday. Hope you + aunty Bell are both well - no need to hope you are busy as i know you will be. We are here till the end of the month. Sadies car has never started either. What a tale of woe i have sent you. Will be brighter in our letter cheers loveettie + John.