Happy Hours


Dear Edie
Arrived home safe and sound. I should have written yesterday but I had to go to the top shop and was kept as busy as could be but I will post this in time for the mail today. All are well at home, Eva said she will see about the machine, I told her not to forget to write. Say Edie, I wish you had a phone on, I could just ring you up, oh and couldn't we have a talk. The phone is just here by my elbow. Nell is at the bottom shop there is not much news to tell you the town is a bit lively. Father is still " at home" say ede do you like the pc. I will try and get a ... tomorrow and send them to you. Mum..... gave you her love and to Jim and the children..
Mum said it would be lovely if you could come for a holiday with us when we go. xxx dale