Katoomba - It's worth mowing about

The bagpipe on this card has a flap that flips (as some flaps do) over to reveal black and white images of Katoomba. It's interesting to note that the name of the town is a replaceable and customizable sticker, stuck above the slogan, and like most mass-manufactured postcards they have little to do with the town that they are advertising and just seem as insincere as the slogan usually written underneath.

Dear Ethel
We arrived in Sydney midday on Monday, stayed at the people's palace till Wednesday + came up here on Wednesday 9:00 o'clock. We have got a furnished room with Mrs Barker + I do our own booking. We are going to stay a fortnight the weather was a bit dissagreeable the first couple of days but yesterday + today has been just like spring days. I got a dozen of that fine cotton that you are crocheting around the handkercheifs for 2/3 a dozen. Arthur has a sore face still we got some ointment yesterday to put on it trusting you + mum are well with love from bell + arthur.