chappattis on the campfire

7 SEP 1983

Kev & Jo & Su
Colloroy, NSW

Snow? far from it. chappattis on the campfire and garlic tea. yummo. music in the rainforest restaurant is a good swap for a hearty meal. hello? lying on the rocks, seducing the sun into my skin. h'm and then again, those misty mornings in yeppoon with tree covered islands in the fog. and orange eyelash of a moon hanging professionally in the morning sky. hang on! it's back to brisbane now, and no moon. no fog. mundane. so many good lifts. nice truckies who play "bikies" in spare hours. i love life. coffee & toasted cheese + tomato. clean clothes on the line splash splash as i try to wash the hot sun off me in the cool wet salt. ah! life's a pleasure. nimbin folk festival soon. visa-expires soon. h'm wanna get married kevin? (honest, i was down on one knee). of course the sun + the life up here only encourages me to live life leisurely, rather than look for "werk". (bloody 4 letter word) and so funds are quite (very) limited. (it's more fun that way) well, my dear little rug-rats... happy healthy + well. been up to cairnes, stopping along the way and there for a while, now i'm heading to nimbin, stopping along the way. reconnecting with lots of old pals. looks like i will be in oz for some time yet...
so, see ya'll some sunny day,