La Trobe University, Melbourne

The front of the card has written on it "ME LIVES HITHER" and an arrow pointing to where they purportedly live
Mardi Flick
O Conner ACT 2601

Hi Ho Mardi!
Spoiling me rotten with goodies! You know the key to my heart. Its great to hear you doing well. Overseas next year. Lucky bugger. For me, La Trobe isn only getting better, its and impressive place, lots to keep my mind off myself (!) While unfortunately, I haven't started any postgrad work yet, the course that I'm doing is very good, planning a thesis /topic area on the side - the academics are very helpful, friendly. Have seen a fair bit Melbourne, yet lots I haven't got to yet - Jazz clubs are dangers. On the subject, I DIG the tape you sent, thanks. Starting to get involved in campus activities - a little bit ' o acting and in a interesting m????, I'm also running for a position on the union board. Also striving to infiltrate the Green Left Alliance " say no to oppression, say Yes to liberation"!!!!
Not surprisingly I'm moderately looking for a little mischievious fun - a small scale cold war will suffice. Out of room- Will they ever make a decent sized postcard? I'll be at Jamies on good Friday, hope you can make it. Buy Russel R. Ross Esquire.
Mardi are you on the internet?