the real stuart

Bethnal Green Post office box, London

This poster was found stuck to a postal box on Bethnal Green Road (and later spotted further up the street on a telegraph pole) It's a beautiful little message and i really hope the real Stuart (and not some imposter) sees the note and get's his lost postcard back.


Dear Stuart,

On Monday the 5th of January, 2009, I found your card!!!! It was dancing around in the wind (here on Bethnal Green Road) getting all messed up by the rain and by the dirt, I was cycling along minding my own business when the pink colours on the card, caught my eye.
I had to pick it up (I liked the image so much and i didn't want it to be ruined.) So I picked the card up and put it in my handbag. It wasn't until later that day that i saw the writing on the card. I was too curious and I couldn't help reading it!! I was extremely moved by the card and suddenly felt guilty about having it!!!!
Maybe I am just sentimental but if that was my card I would want it back!!
And that is why I have made this poster....!
If you are the real Stuart and if you want your card back (?) then please email me and we can arrange something... I am happy to post the card to you!!!
Cheers from Marie