Skinned Alive

Alexander Library in Perth

This letter was found by Bec Giggs - she says she found it "late last year or early this year, not sure which, down the side of a sofa at the Alexander Library in Perth. I like that it's written on the old print-outs the library used to make when you requested a book: the last page is written over "Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain, A
Handbook Compiled from Official Sources"
It reads:

Dear Tiara [Bletani?],
I miss youz heaps and love you's so much. The only reason I have not caught up [rang] with you is because of all the shit we've been through together. I can't handle being around you I feel like a terrible father and been really trying to get my head together. I miss our daughter so much ay! Everytime I try something alwayz happenz. It's just going to cause problems me seeing our daughter with Model around [how times]. I'll look after her when she's older enough and got my own place. I probably. thought you'd make things easier for me to see her but like I say I don't want to cause trouble for you and even you said it's better this way so I think I'll leave it for a week or so before I ring you I wanted... 666 Space.

and then in the scribble it variously says
"8 Years Ethiopia" "John, Jude Perth" "Dear Tiara" "Skinned Alive and Kept Alive Forever!!!"
"Immanuel Salvatores".