Goodbye Sydney, your people are goldfish

Domestic Terminal, Sydney Airport

This note was found by Luke Martin while he was dropping a friend off at Sydney Airport. After hearing the call of nature he found this taped to the wall next to the urinal in the mens room...

Bye Sydney,
you're a beautiful city.
But your people are mostly! Goldfish.
rude arrogant! and don't want to talk.
good riddance.
Some of my hates about you!
. your grafitti - clean up this mess!
. about your people: especially your youth and "young men" tattoos are vile - for crims and bogans.
.Those poncy fluffy hair do's (scrible scribble) are ugly and very very feminine.
. Earings are for Women - not blokes. you look like 1/2 male 1/2 female.
small man syndrome
. Shave you fools that stubble and goatee nonsense is ugly and so out of date.
You simply don't have enough hair for a real beard.
your facial hair is crap.
Little big men you lot
See you.


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