Aleister Crowley book

Found inside an Aleister Crowley book by Francis King which is actually an entertaining and fairly lighthearted look at the crazy world of the self proclaimed beast. What each side of this note has to do with the other I have no idea, but at least the second side had page references:

Camera club spit roasts or barbecue Too often or too much and "you will kill it"

Do not play the same good music too often eg. Tchaikovsky's 5th and 6th Symphonies too hackneyed (Manfred Symphony much better)

To view the most attractive girl constantly produces the same effect as above (definitely not her in marriage)

Do not drink the greatest wines or meals too often - (and out of a very good wineglass, not an enamel mug). Grange hermitage, St George, Katnook 1980, Ch. Lafitte, Rothschilde, Lacrima Christy (Tears of Christ)

Hot water bottles or electric blankets on most winter nights - a young virgin only on the coldest nights!

The reverse reads:

63. Elixir

(This first reference looks more like Elesair, but i think he's actually writing elixir since that page deals with detailing "the loving cup" of elixir given out before magic ceremonies).

67. Cunts rot.

(This is in relation to a court case which produced the fact that marginal notes in one of Crowley's essays contained the latin "Pater Iubit Scientiam Scribe; Adest Rosa Secreta Eros" and more of which using the first letter of each word produced many a fun filled word and to which Crowley replied to the judge that this was purely coincidental and as a matter of fact the judge's name "Scrutton" is actually an anagram for "cunts rot". The books follows " seems most unlikely that anyone save Crowley himself was impressed by this argument").

74. Trance Change

([simply] a detail of either the transfiguration of Crowley, or documentation of a particularly bad trip).

80. Talisman magic

(a reference to the smearing of a talisman with semen to imbue it with magic power).

105. Menstrual magic

(a reference to Crowley believing sex magic to be particularly "efficacious" during menstruation)

159. Ruthvah

(Ruthvah is "the perfume of immortality" used by Crowley which he claimed helped his sex appeal - which accordingly was going strong even when he was an old fat bastard.)

180. Meditation, visualisation, then passing it to subconscious

This has something to do with meditating on something you want, calling it into view and then trying to forget about it, the theory being that it now resides inside your subconscious in a purer state and is working away [unbeknown to you] to achieve the desired effect - this sounding like something I once heard Anthony Robbins say - further proof he is in league with satan!