A. Dick

This note was posted to my girlfriend who has been blessed with the good fortune of the surname BUTT. It looks like a couple of kids having fun after school. At least it's the kind of thing that would crack me up if I was a kid. Actually it cracks me up now as an adult. Around the time this letter was received they were receiving phone calls from young kids asking iff miss Butt was home. I was never there but always hoped I'd pick up the phone and say "Ah no sorry, but I'm her husband Mr Butt, but you can call me Seymour - is there anything i can do for you?"....

To: Z. Butt (address witheld)
From: A. Dick 322 Lillian Ave Salisbury 4107

(on reverse) Hey Dickhead

To You! I sentance you to kiss my ass (a little drawing of a magistrates hammer)
from Mrs X