Amy and Jodie #1

This note was found when I moved in to a studio i rented for a short while above the Lucky Country Hotel in Newcastle. It was in a large basket amongst other semi-personal belongings that were abandoned by the previous tenant who used the room I think as a bed down.
It was a fold out note with "open" instructions on the front, then the next fold out section read "Hi sexy" with a pattern drawn on it, the letter reads...

Dear Jodie,
Well tonight is the big night hey! I alwredy have gathered that you & amy are the best there & Tracey & Coralie are the ones that will look (there are two eyes drawn in the o's) Daggy up against you two. I cant wait to you ya all.
I will start another collection of John Farnam pictures for ya! Write down other people ya like so i can get some of them for ya. Amy has also got a collection for ya. so there ya go.

I wrote this letter in geography 1st lesson of the day. we were supposed to be watching this stupid t.v. program on savers.
Well i beta go.
have fun &
happy dancing.
from Deanne.
P.S. cant wait to see ya dancing.
P.S.S. Amy also said goodbye.
P.S.S. Isn't amy a fisherman. sorry fisherwoman.