the girl in the leather pants

Found by Claire Lloyd in Prague

10 days and 3 more to go. I haven't gotten what i asked for, but what I got is exactly what i wanted. I couldn't get my mind off the girl in the leather pants who sat down the table from me the previous night; who sat there looking totally disinterested whilst being pawed at by her oafish looking and very drunk boyfriend. I wondered what her name was, what she did, what she wanted out of life, what the hell she saw in that guy, what size shoes she wore, when was the last time somebody sent her flowers. I wondered what were the circumstances in her life leading to this discreet moment. When she was getting dressed today, sliding into those gorgeous skin-tight leather trousers, if she envisioned her night turning out this way. "jste dobry," the bartender asked me with casual concern. It was only then that i realized I had been staring blankly at the string of garlic hanging on the wall behind the bar for the last 20 minutes. TR Praha 2000