Letter to Mark Bobby #2

>>> you this letter I'd write it on some decent bloody paper. You of course would be suprised to realise how many letters I've written you that you never get. Ah yes, you think you know but you don't. Only the ones on letter paper are meant for your eyes. This letter to you is so private I can't let you read it. Mind you one day I'll give you a look and you'll hate me and I'll shrink. Maybe I'll never give you this.

It's not that I love you (the reverse of the hole on the other page starts here)...... like to you. It's that you are my....... unknown confidant. Had....... me at that time, not you,........ to stop this dreadful gap....... you because I can't live without........ I'm desperate for you. It's only that you must have an understanding and you I feel close to when it comes to talking morbid talks. I'm going to die, do you know that? We all are, and no one is master of his fate, myself least of all. I impugn that we may die by our own hand - we do not. Surely this hand that makes us die is not my right or my left, or your right or left, or anyone else's... surely it is that ubiquitous being my sister would call GOD who kills us? I mean really, think about it?

Nor did I ever cut my hands or my wrists or my arms or my stomach although my hand, my right hand and my >>>