Letter to Mark Bobby #5

>>> You don't care about me because......confidant as you are. You put..... our friendship and you won't......... to you until I prove I can b........ happy. I can be so happy........ more happy than I am......... sad when I am alone........ me be sad because you ........ happy until I show you..... of emotions you won't......... so you won't even let me cry because ... can't - you won't let me close and i feel like you don't want me close. I don't want to be alone, please don't leave me alone

I saw there was no worth or rationale in my existence when I started uni. Then i met you and there was. I thought you must be god or God to have cured me! But then I found out you didn't cure me, you just made me feel differently and when you went away there was still the black part, and I still couldn't find a reason for me being me, only i sort of forgot when I had you. You are not perfect. You are not special. You are no better than any other uni student. You are just another person. Unfortunately I happen to feel as though you are better than I and as though I must have your love in some form to be able to find any self- worth. What am I worth if I'm not worth anything to the people I value? Do you know you've taken away all my >>>