Letter to Mark Bobby #6

>>> ....... can't be happy feeling this....... I don't dare be sad. What..... {have you do}ne to me? No Actually,...{what have} I done to myself? I don't.....anymore about who I am...... feeling. I'm afraid you...... because I am confused....... of what will happen.... will or should or might ..... afraid because i feel as though..... can't look after myself properly and I would expect you maybe could understand - I want to talk to you about it but I am afraid it will make you hate me if I tell you I am sad, or I am confused or whatever. I want someone to care about me!! I want to be worth something to someone!! How can I be, though if I am worth little to myself? And yet how can I be worth anything to myself if I am not worth anything to anyone else? A paradox!

Please please please care about me. I want you to so much. Please please please please help me. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Whatever it is you want me to do or think I should do, I will. So long as you don't say "I think you should leave me alone forever". Mark I'm not asking you to carry any of my load at all. I'll carry it all and I'm willing to, just so long as you will show me that you'll care about me. >>>