Letter to Mark Bobby #7

>>> I'm not giving up on that bl....... phorical bicycle journey....... (Can't you ever talk like....... person?) I'm just asking...... me something to feel.... won't, though, will you.... don't like me you.....friends - I feel as....... all the effort to ........ you never call me, you don't ask me to meet you, I feel like you don't want people to think you know me.

You don't care about me do you? I hope you do just a little. I feel you do just a tiny bit. Am I right or wrong? You'll never tell me will you, because you'll never get this letter, will you?

If you got it I think you'd read it and despise me for being a crawling worthless bitch. You don't want me to say I'm good, don't you? Well I will. I'm good. I'm great. I mean I give the impression I can be really strong but i never believe it unless other people do. Yet nobody does unless I believe it. Shit!

I am smart and it's not enough. I didn't do as well in my HSC as I could have - it's not enough. I pass and it's not enough. I do all those shows and it's not enough. Isn't there anything that I'll be able to do that will >>>