stop talking so loud

Found in Bayswater, London. A haven for backpacker hostels. At first i thought it an instructional guide for the politest possible way to tell people to "shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep." written in abstract English.
But now i think it might just be notes for a language class...

1) Would you mind stop talking so loud please, I'd like to sleep.
2) Sorry to say this again: but you are still talking to loud. Could you stop it now please
3) Could you please continue your conversation in one of your rooms
Asking Question
1-Re-question -> Question
May I ask you one question
you don't want to answer
x) I don't know
x) If i knew I'd tell you
Brian :
Names to quickly
language ok
too formal initially
too imbalanced interview
products identification not good
questions good
-friendly reception
-setting not ok
-language ok
-structured interview
-time changed too often
-questions good (strength)
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