Today was a good day

Chris Porter gave this to me. He said he thinks he knows who it is that wrote it but wouldn't tell me, though he took no issue with me publishing it here. The note is in two parts, the first being a list of things in two different styles of writing and the second being a note to oneself. It is written on the back of the sheet music "Wariacje na temat Paganiniego" by Witold Lutoslawski b.1913

5 old - ??2class - ??ar g finished - ??onward work - no friend - no math - Inglish -> express - 6 years old, 10 year sister - mother oriented abit - sister - isolated - late father - need security - work - relationships - apprenticeships - love - cooking - music - dancing - self grooming - life - talk to someone is near - starts off - nervous anxiety - uncertainty - repression - rebellious - moody - 3 short milk black blue - 2 pilatellie nila or white -black, 2white long shirt - red shirt - 3 tshirt brown milk rainbow -3 white sock.
Today was a good day but it would have been better if i had a car to drive around if i had a car i think i couuld get a job pretty easy I think for tea tonight i'm going to cook veges and steak but if I coould cook better veges i could cook something better for tea. I wish i had an apprenticeship it would make me a better man if i could groom myself better i would look better. I also like music and i would like to be able to play guitar and drums better than i can nnow I would also like a stable relationship as well as a lot of love. I would also like to move from here and get another flat with two bedrooms so i can have it to myself I would like to be healthy as well because health is very important This is what I would like to improve on