Above Us The Waves

Above Us The Waves
For w.Churchhill
And Count
-Less Stars

Night. A west town.
Silent Streets
Cold Light. Frost flowers.
Every door is closed
7PM, Summer 1984
Gestapo radio on.
England is on fire.

I AM Aware
They are burning England.

Not long ao she was free
Her letters were free

She said words
She spoke
She was singing

I was about
I noticed her lovely song
She was beautiful
A lady noble

Noble were they
They were so noble

I was crushed by evil
I was crushed by him

I could not stand
Eliot Satre
Now Gone.

My fire burned low
No general
No major
No soldier

My terrible pain

Could night be born?

God wa sperhaps on high
I prayed
No general
No soldier

I remembered the fallen

How they could not go on
In memory
And how i could not go on
Now at war with satanists

Every door was closed
And so wew ere screaming
He's Gestapo.

England is so beautiful
Noble was her song.

Above us the waves
Shall we fight on?