As Leaves Fall

As Leaves Fall

Watch leaves falling
About your town
My town
Old towns
Poor towns

Down down
To the ground

One is always you
Slipping slipping
To heaven or hell.

Bright Autumn leaves
Good leaves
Dance through towns.

You see a leaf
Falling down

You have fear
And your leaf
Has tears

You look inside it
It is a prayer
Your leaf has heard
You care

Perhaps there is
A puff of wind
Ands now it's on your

And i wonder
About your god
As leaves fall
Like men and women
Into despair.

Is it God's idea
To hold you
Firmly to the law
Of laws
As each leaf falls
About you.

I watch the leaves
Fall to the ground
And wonder
Does god watch
And walk
Beside you

As leaves fall
Like tears
Around you.