Wake in a cold room
And the wind has ice

Go outside
And the winterstorm is high

The iced wind raves past
And you have no money to be your friend

An iced bus comes on
And the driver lets you pass

Sit on a cold spot
Close to the end
But you try for kindness
Near the gate

The driver says next time
You'll pay for my mistake.

Run for shelter
Run for warmth
Dart for god
Hope and pray
His ministry can pay;
Suddenly he smiles and pays you
A gold material friend.

You flash your saviour
At a gate
And run for life

Run into the ends of friends
And now the iced road extends
Run explaining nightmares
Run along the glass of shops
under perfect cover

Run into a cracked law
Run into its cracked men
Run faster
Through a cracked class
Faster through a breaking glass

Suddenly you rise
Into the cracked atmosphere
And fly faster.
Earth is near the end